As well as individuals and state, private institutions and organizations have responsibilities to increase the level of welfare in community and sustainability through economy, social life and culture.

Through this approach, our group works effectively and profitably (financial), respects the law (legal), acts according to social norms and expectations beyond legal norms (ethic) and voluntarily makes contributions to solution of social problems (social).

Fiyo Group works as being aware of its corporate responsibilities and aims to add values to society by expanding this approach to its business models and business environment. "Corporate Responsibility" means creating perception and sensibility through the future of our country and world as a whole. Also expanding this perception as far as possible and deepen it in places already have that perception, is another meaning. The regular and effective supports of our group and group companies for the projects in education, culture, sport, environment and health fields, is the proof of our approach.In all these areas, we are aware of our social corporate responsibilities and try to be leader and model for the society.